Slurry Pumping in San Juan Province, Argentina



Project Scope: 

When a gold mine required resolution for an abrasive slurry transfer duty they turned to Slurrypro. An initial order of two 8x6 SlurryPro pumps and a 4x3 pump were supplied with the legendary 331 liners and impellers suitable for the most abrasive slurries. After three years of successful operation the process plant underwent a number of design changes which affected the required flow from the pumps. All Pumps - the local Intrax company - was able to work with the process plant manager not only to resize the pump drive to adjust to the new duty point but additionally optimizing wearing part life. 

Key factors in making the decision to move ahead with SlurryPro were:

- Extremely robust design and oversized bearing arrangement
- Local availability of spare parts, service and technical expertise
- Existing relationship with local Intrax company
- Lead time and on site presence for pump start up and ongoing maintenance